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Dear me

My bed room floor is currently in the process of being re-done.  Also, a clean half of my family is feverish.  This means that all day my house has been brimful of fumes, sickies and displaced furniture. Winning combination. No? I decided in the late morning that the circumstances called for brownies so while on a brief respite mission (read; trip to the grocery store) […]

X’s or O’s?

It being February and all we’re been making Valentines around here. Ziz and I had a discussion today about hugs and kisses or rather about xoxo. I’ve always operated under the impression that the x’s are the kisses because the x is reminiscent of a pucker and the o’s are the hugs because your arms go around the other person like an o. Ziz thought […]

Zizza’s new friend

I started writing a different post but that one sort of got away from me.  Suddenly I realized I had at least an hour’s worth of writing and editing ahead of me and even then I didn’t know if I’d end up with something I’d want to post.  So I ditched it and started over. Do you remember Zizza’s wish for an American Girl doll? […]

this is not letter G

Someone has stolen my child and replaced her with a very naughty facsimile. This afternoon she drew crayon lines hither thither about the house. I continue to find more as the day goes on. She sat in time-out for that one for probably ten minutes by the time all was said and done. She also will have to wash every last smudge off the walls […]


She is not in bed as I wish she was. She did not nap today and I was hoping I could get her into bed early as she is driving me mad. It didn’t work. It is not dark and so even though baby brother has been in bed for 45 minutes, we’ve read stories and scriptures, brushed teeth, had prayer, put jammies on, sang […]

The Vanishing Easter Egg

The Monday after Easter Baby Girl was sitting on the sofa with her basket in her lap happily eating jelly beans. I didn’t think a child of mine could have such a healthy appreciation for jelly beans, but she was eating bean after bean while ignoring all of the chocolate delights in the basket. Finally she took notice of the Cadbury Creme Egg taking up […]

a kind of peace

There is a cement truck down the street creating backyard Paradise for the neighbors and temporary insanity for my dog. Advantageously for myself, the dog was already enjoying the splendours of our own backyard when the truck arrived. The inceacant barking of that 5 pound creature drives me to the brink faster than any other sound I know. I can bear up under the whining […]