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How sweet it is

My girls were home sick from school today.  Enzo cut a lonely figure walking to the car at pick-up time.  As he was climbing in I recognized the truth about the colorful oversize truck parked behind me.  It was a snow cone truck, and it was open for business. Maybe it was because he didn’t beg (or even ask) Maybe it was because I had […]

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

For the month of August I am going to post every day (or so) with a letter of the alphabet and something about myself that relates to that letter. I got the idea here. I’m starting a day late so here are the first two letters.A is for acrobat and artist. These are 2 things I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve succeeded more at the […]


Every blog I’ve encountered has one of these. I’m not generally one to follow the herd but I do so occasionally. I lovesmelling my babyyogacheap plastic jewelry“You said the wrong sting!”still being able to go outside in the eveningwhen my eyebrows have just the right shape“such a beau’full mama”My girl wants to wear dresses all the timeclean floorspedicurespretty clothes, making themcolorbig sunglassespouty lipsThe Mr home […]