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How sweet it is

My girls were home sick from school today.  Enzo cut a lonely figure walking to the car at pick-up time.  As he was climbing in I recognized the truth about the colorful oversize truck parked behind me.  It was a snow cone truck, and it was open for business. Maybe it was because he didn’t beg (or even ask) Maybe it was because I had […]

Stinky Feet

One of the hard things about coming back to blogging is that after it’s been sooo long is it feels like I need a monumental post to jump in with. I don’t have a monumental post. Duke’s birthday could have been monumental but I’ll be honest;  Monumental is a lot of work.  Plus we were kind of low key with the birthday so making the […]

Enzo: sweet six

I don’t really know what I want to say about Enzo and his six year oldness. Here’s something.  He’s recently come into his own on the music front.  He started the Let’s Play Music program last fall.  The year previous he took the initiative to get himself some piano lessons but despite his interest he wasn’t quite ready and we decided to wait and put him in LPM once […]

A word of caution

If you’re ever a five year old boy with a mouthful of chewing gum I don’t recommend stretching it into a string and draping it across the back of your neck “just to see what will happen,” If you must have that question answered, I’ll tell you now in the hope that you’ll deem second hand knowledge sufficient to quench your curiosity. The result of […]


Firstly, I feel the need to apologize to my little blog here. Last night when posting time came I chose to push it aside and watch Downton Abbey instead.  Sorry blog, but sometimes a girl’s gotta watch some tv. Yesterday after school Enzo was sitting at the table. Reading a book, eating some sugar snap peas, just going about his business. All of a sudden he shot […]

a kind of peace

There is a cement truck down the street creating backyard Paradise for the neighbors and temporary insanity for my dog. Advantageously for myself, the dog was already enjoying the splendours of our own backyard when the truck arrived. The inceacant barking of that 5 pound creature drives me to the brink faster than any other sound I know. I can bear up under the whining […]