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A few of unbelievable things going on right now.  First of all.  I feel better at 36 weeks than I did at 30.  A few stretches for sciatica plus a magnesium supplement for heartburn equals; I had no idea 36 weeks (and four days)  could exist at this level of comfort…not that I’d call it comfortable. Unbelievable number 2; It’s only 83 degrees out.  It’s […]

It’s unclear to me how this came to pass

Two years. Two years of sweet baby perfection. He really can’t possibly be two.  I’m positive there’s been some kind of mix-up. I sneaked in and took his birthday minute picture at 4:59 I wasn’t expecting anything great out of a picture snapped with my phone in the dark but I was still underwhelmed with the picture I got.  I shifted mid-snap (hence the blur) […]

Duke’s special place(s)

Recently I told you about Duke finding joy on an empty book shelf. I wrote that post thinking it was over and done. The bookcase was moved and filled once more with books so Duke had his fun and that was it wasn’t it? No. It wasn’t. That empty book shelf was a gateway tiny place. Since then he’s been seeking them out, wedging himself […]

Sitting on a shelf

I’ve been working on clearing the junk out of my house. So far, so good though I’ve slowed down on the junk clearing a little bit this past week. I went to a class about solar cooking last Saturday, so this week I’ve been spending my time running out to the back yard to check shadows and “re-focus” my oven for optimal temperature retention.  My […]

Heart Break

Friends I am heart broken.  Heart baroque-en. It’s Duke.  He’s growing up.  This afternoon he was at least two months older than he was this morning. I’m going to tell you what happened but first I need to get a few details out of the way. You know the sound it makes when you flop your tongue in and out of your mouth and across your […]