Bytes of random from my weekend

If I’d been able to log on to my parent’s wireless I would have posted any number of times over the weekend.I wasn’t able to log on though, so all of those would be posts have truncated into fluttering little ideas, bouncing about inside my skull. Every time one of those little winged bytes rebounds off the surface of my mind it triggers a mite […]

Too Hot for Hopscotch

Do you remember how I like going barefoot? I remembered today.Zizza and I were all ready to dart off to the mail box and collect “Lilo and Stitch” which arrived there, thanks to netfilx with the mail today. It was then that I noticed how efficient I’d been earlier in putting my shoes away. Generally, there is a substantial pile of assorted shoes on the […]


I miss the the joy and anticipation of spring.I miss the excitement of noticing it’s still light out at 6:30.I miss the absolute bliss of stepping out dressed in half as much as you’ve been accustomed to and feeling pleasantness caress bare limbs. Here, spring is foreboding. It’s the taunting of a sibling who catches you in your mischief, “You’re gonna be in soooo much […]


We got home last night and are in the stages of recovering form the trip.I am in the sweatpants, bed head, “leave me alone” stage.Tiny is in the happy, just woke up from a long and early nap stage.Baby Girl is in the ordered off to bed for whining and howling in stead of leaving me alone stage.Altogether, not so bad. I’m not being left […]


We’ve had a pair of rainy, magical days. I went out yesterday into the beautifully overcast morning and felt the glory of the day. The sky full of clouds made the normally sun drenched scenery come to life. Since I’ve lived here my reactions to weather are quite often the opposite of what I expect, based on the experience of my previous life in the […]

It’s not even that cold, but…

When I left the airport yesterday and was embraced by the cold I came to realise that I had forgotten what it felt like.I had forgotten the exhillaration of stepping out from the warmth to be intantaniousley enveloped by chill winds, creeping down my neck and up my sleeves. Forgotten the sensation of drawing breath from frozen air, filling my lungs with winter Forgotten it’s […]

Rejoyce! again I say, rejoyce!

Fall has come to Arizona. Today it was only 94. Hurrah! I’ve gotten to the point as an Arizona resident where I can see the heat. All through the summer I look out the window and see misery. It only takes a look to know it’s hellishly hot out. Less even than a look. Being summer you know that it’s insufferable regardless of the time […]