Enough with the puke already!

It would seem I need to create a whole category here for vomit related posts. That’s right. It happened again tonight.We were at Panda Express, the favorite of both my children. I was waiting at the table with Enzo when, out of nowhere, he started the tell tale gagging cough. This time I caught it in my bare hands. Lucky it wasn’t more than a […]

A little bit of yuck

What is it about vomit that makes such great blog fodder? Every time one of my kids starts blowing chunks I have the essay written out in my head by the time I’m finished cleaning it up. I don’t always post these jewels, but I always, always, compose them. It’s coping mechanism, I think. If I can think of a way spin the situation into […]

A pile of vomit and a shirtless mother

Tuesday morning found me bustling about getting ready for my joy school lesson. Finally at about 9:00, thirty minutes before the children were due to arrive, I decided it was high time I got myself and my child ready. I deemed that not having the cups and napkins on the counter ready for snack time would be much less of a problem for me than […]