Cold feet

Good grief it was cold this morning. I don’t own a pair of full length running pants and look what was on my feet. Today was, blessedly, the last time I will have to run in those. It took me a long time to decide on a replacement shoe. (It was early November when my right shoe sprung that leak.) After I settled on which […]

Date Night

We finally got a babysitter and went to Les Mis tonight. When it comes to movies and movie snacks I’m a big supporter of sneaking in. Not sneaking your person into the movie, I mean sneaking your food of choice in along with your ticket holding self. We got a late start to our evening so tonight it was sneak in dinner or hope our […]

Sitting on a shelf

I’ve been working on clearing the junk out of my house. So far, so good though I’ve slowed down on the junk clearing a little bit this past week. I went to a class about solar cooking last Saturday, so this week I’ve been spending my time running out to the back yard to check shadows and “re-focus” my oven for optimal temperature retention.  My […]


Did I ever tell you I was in the “environmental club” in junior high school?  I totally was. I joined because I wanted to get my picture in the year book one more time.  We went on a field trip to the dump one time. Membership in that club also gave me the knowledge of when Earth Day was celebrated. I then helped to plan an Earth […]


Firstly, I feel the need to apologize to my little blog here. Last night when posting time came I chose to push it aside and watch Downton Abbey instead.  Sorry blog, but sometimes a girl’s gotta watch some tv. Yesterday after school Enzo was sitting at the table. Reading a book, eating some sugar snap peas, just going about his business. All of a sudden he shot […]

What’s in a name?

When we got Moo, she was just 2 days old. All she came with was the hospital issue t-shirt on her back, one of those cheap crappy diaper bags courtesy of enfamil of similac or whatever formula company pushes it’s products through that particular hospital, 2 bottles the nurses packed for her, and the tiniest afgan in the world.  She uses that for her baydoll […]

It was Christmas

Is it okay to talk about Christmas still?  It was over a week ago after all… I feel like I missed the window.  I’ma do it anyway though.  Here it is: The Uniquety Christmas sum-up We didn’t go to Utah. It was our first year in our own house sleeping in our own beds with no parties to hurry back and forth between and no […]

Heart Break

Friends I am heart broken.  Heart baroque-en. It’s Duke.  He’s growing up.  This afternoon he was at least two months older than he was this morning. I’m going to tell you what happened but first I need to get a few details out of the way. You know the sound it makes when you flop your tongue in and out of your mouth and across your […]

Old or new?

I remember my mother explaining to me one year that New Year’s Eve Isn’t actually a holiday.  The holiday is New Year’s day.  I don’t remember why it came up.  School was never in session on December 31 but that particular year something was happening on New Year’s Eve that I thought unsuitable for a holiday which lead to the discussion about New Year’s eve’s Non-Holiday […]

No Christmas Tree

I am thisclose to having the Christmas decorations put away. The tree is still here. I tackled the rest of it after the kids were in bed.  If I had even gone so far as to retrieve a single box from the cupboard under the stairs with any of them in the house and conscious I knew it would end badly.  I had them gather the […]