A few of unbelievable things going on right now.  First of all.  I feel better at 36 weeks than I did at 30.  A few stretches for sciatica plus a magnesium supplement for heartburn equals; I had no idea 36 weeks (and four days)  could exist at this level of comfort…not that I’d call it comfortable. Unbelievable number 2; It’s only 83 degrees out.  It’s […]


I met with my midwife today. She told me I need to eat more snacks. Protein rich snacks specifically but more snacks. You wouldn’t think this would be difficult.  Have a cheese stick,  a handful of almonds.  Would spoonfuls of peanut butter and chocolate chips count do you think? The problem is I don’t really like to eat. Is that crazy? I feel like that’s crazy. […]

The rooster cries at dawn

7;15 AM Human Rights Day and I was exercising my right to lie in my cozy bed rather than face the cold floor and bustle children off to school.  What’s better than a warm cocoon of sweet smelling flannel sheets? That’s when it started. The rooster next door let out a good long crow.   And then another. The crowing was relentless. I don’t normally […]

Be the chair

A mother has many roles. We all know this, I won’t bore you with the list. Currently my most important role in Duke’s mind is that of furniture. He cannot reasonably be expected to sit on a surface that is not me. He insists this is true.  He wants me, or at least some physical portion of me, available for his sitting needs in every […]


Yes, it’s true I’m posting. Hello? Anyone there? Yeah I thought not.  I’l go ahead with it anyway. It turns out that being pregnant is like to becoming a zombie only without the appetite.  Though to be fair I’ll bet brains taste about the same coming up as they do going down. So I dunno, maybe it’s worth a try? Think about it though; Death […]

Birthday wish

I have half an hour before preschool pick up. I spent my morning with paint and dust (not at the same time obvs) as my companions so I decided I’d put this time to use checking in here. Moo’s birthday came and went during the crazy.  I’ll have to get back to that another time.  Right now I’d like to share with you Zizza’s  birthday […]

Manual Labor

The other day I was doing some kind of hard manual labor and inflicted this blood blister upon myself.  Lame. Since then every time I’ve changed a poopy diaper I’ve caught sight of that dark speck and momentarily freaked out that I mis-wiped and have poo on my hand.  Seriously. It happens every time.  When I was in forth grade, as a getting to know […]

My young Chef

I’m happy to be one of the first stops on the blog tour for the super new book Teaching Young Chefs by the one and only Christina Dymock. Do you cook with your kids?  Do you want to?  Check out the links above.    Duke loves to cook. I mean he LOVES it. Anytime he finds me in the kitchen he rushes to get the step […]

Stinky Feet

One of the hard things about coming back to blogging is that after it’s been sooo long is it feels like I need a monumental post to jump in with. I don’t have a monumental post. Duke’s birthday could have been monumental but I’ll be honest;  Monumental is a lot of work.  Plus we were kind of low key with the birthday so making the […]

It’s unclear to me how this came to pass

Two years. Two years of sweet baby perfection. He really can’t possibly be two.  I’m positive there’s been some kind of mix-up. I sneaked in and took his birthday minute picture at 4:59 I wasn’t expecting anything great out of a picture snapped with my phone in the dark but I was still underwhelmed with the picture I got.  I shifted mid-snap (hence the blur) […]