I always hated when my mom made fajitas. I don’t generally like bell peppers is what it comes down to. In fact, I remember hating them soundly. If they were placed on a pizza for example, their flavor would permeate through the whole thing and ruin it all even after they’d been picked off. When fajitas were for dinner I would put corn and cheese […]


Dear non existant scant readership, I’m kind of a downer today (see salutation above) Today feels like I’m for sure not ever going to finish anything ever again. We’ve made progress on the planning portion of the home renovation that I was sure when we bought the house would be done a year ago. The next step is to vacate the premises so walls can […]

Baby Talk

On Sunday Dovie started to babble. It was very exciting. She was doing her thing, rolling back and forth on a blanket or kickn’ it in the jumper or hanging out on my lap, maybe she was cramming her hands in her mouth, I don’t remember the details but then she started in “ahbababababa,” and I made a mental note. Repeating consonants- developmental milestone- I […]

Monster Cereal

Did you eat monster cereals as a kid? You know, Count Chocula and the like. I remember them from childhood but I never had occasion to try any. My Mother wasn’t the breakfast candy type. We had giant bags of toasty-o’s, wheat puffs and the like so I never experienced Count chocula, or boo-berry or…what’s the werewolf one? They weren’t something I pined after as […]

I’ve decided

It’s been awhile since I gave NaBloPoMo any attention. Is it even a thing anymore? First I thought I’d been there done that and I didn’t feel the need to bother, then I adopted a different month because I felt like I needed the kick in the pants at the time and then I just let it slip by with out a word almost forgotten. […]

You’re boring, boring into my heart. (name that song)

Yesterday morning was wildly productive. Dovie cooed herself to sleep and napped away. Duke enjoyed some quality time with Steve and Blue and I busted out Enzo’s 11th doctor tweed. This morning I thought I’d have similar luck with the remaining costumes but Dovie didn’t nap so deeply and Duke was only interested in one episode of Blues clues. I needed to have Zizza here […]

Let me tell you about my baby

Considering she’s 3 months old I guess it’s getting to be time I introduced my little love bucket. Once upon a time I was six or seven months pregnant and thinking bloggy thoughts. “What will the baby’s blog name be?” I wondered. I only wondered for a few minutes before I had an answer. I needed something with both one and two syllable options, something […]


Don’t mind me, I’m just puttering around dusting off the skills I need to add photos to posts so I can properly introduce my baby already. I’ve made quite a bit of progress actually. Tally Ho!

How sweet it is

My girls were home sick from school today.  Enzo cut a lonely figure walking to the car at pick-up time.  As he was climbing in I recognized the truth about the colorful oversize truck parked behind me.  It was a snow cone truck, and it was open for business. Maybe it was because he didn’t beg (or even ask) Maybe it was because I had […]

I’m gonna beat this thing

I miss blogging so much. SO. MUCH. But dag yo, it’s hard! Why is it so hard? One Sunday (at church) we talked about not comparing ourselves to others and how when you do it you’re generally comparing your weakness to another’s strength and that’s a bad recipe.  Then again, maybe your comparing your strength to another’s weakness that’s another bad recipe. (no one mentioned […]