A gift idea and a how to: painted cds

I love tucking my favorite Christmas mix in with some goodies for neighbor gifts. I love it so much in fact, I’ve done it for the past two years.Ok, technically I’ve only done it one year. Two years ago I passed out blank cds. I carefully ran each one through the CD burner but I found out after they’d all been distributed that the shell […]

How to- narrowest rolled hem

I used to dream of tiny delicate rolled hems and despair over my inability to make a rolled hem foot work on anything but straight edged pieces of sturdy cotton. I was somewhat consoled when, while at work for an opera company, I learned of the “rolled hem” capability of some sergers. Still, I didn’t have one of those so the despair continued…UntilI moved to […]

Paterning a Back Pack

I set out to make this back pack for two reasons.One, I had this adorable elephant canvas that I bought for Zizza. She would ask every day when I was going to make her something with it and what the something would be.Two, She was starting preschool and the back pack I made for her last year isn’t large enough to hold her preschool folder.I […]

Making a Back Pack Part 3; Let’s get this done!

There are a few more things we need to do to get our main ingredients ready so we can bust this thing out.One of them is the main zipper. You’ll need 2 strips a bit longer tha your zipper of choice (Mine was 18″) Once the zipper is in this bit will need to be the same width as the piece your using for the […]

Making a Back Pack Part 2; The Front Pocket

If you want to appliqué on your pocket, do it now. Once that is out of the way, it’s piping time!Place your piping along the edge of the pocket front. The raw edge of the piping should line up with the raw edge of the pocket. Stitch around until you’re about an inch from your staring point. If you have faith in your measuring skills […]

Making a back pack- part 1

I’ve been thinking I should make a habit of taking photos during the process of making things. That way, If anyone wants to know how I did it, I can show them. Today I started working in earnest on Zizza’s back pack. I patterned it out Friday Night while watching “Shaun of the Dead” on the Tivo. Since that was before my decision to take […]