Tiny Boy

No Christmas Tree, No Christmas Tree

One of the best things about today is the nekkedness of this corner. Putting away the Christmas tree = crappy job but it’s done now so I can’t complain. One of the other best things about today was listening to Zizza play Kung fu Panda all morning. “I want to be the tiger” she told me, “What’s the tiger’s name?” She asked. “Tigress” I say. […]

The Tale of the Slumbering Boy

Once upon a time, in a desert kingdom, lived a young boy.The boy was born smiling and laughed for the first time at a mere two weeks of age.As he grew, he remained ever cheerful and friendly capturing the hearts of even the dourest of townsfolk with his ready smile.Near the end of his second year, the lad and his family traveled to the bitter […]

Well, here we are

Our Christmas rush is almost through. We have a party with my family this afternoon, a party which involves sledding. I don’t so much want to go sledding.  Cold is really not my thing and being as how I don’t have any boots or snow pants and, will thus be participating in my sneakers and jeans, cold will be unavoidable. I could opt out of […]

Enough with the puke already!

It would seem I need to create a whole category here for vomit related posts. That’s right. It happened again tonight.We were at Panda Express, the favorite of both my children. I was waiting at the table with Enzo when, out of nowhere, he started the tell tale gagging cough. This time I caught it in my bare hands. Lucky it wasn’t more than a […]

Scrub a dub dub

My Tiny Enzo boy loves the bath. He always has loved it. It’s nice that he’s big enough now I can go in the other room while he plays in the bath, so long as I’m within ear shot.Tonight a weird thing happened. He actually got tired of the bath and wanted to get out before I deemed it necessary. I don’t think that’s ever […]


We made these again last night. This year Enzo is big enough to “help”When Zizza was just over two she unwrapped hugs and put them obediently in the bowl, eating only the few we granted permission for. At just a few months under two Enz ate every candy placed within his reach.How much of this has to do with the months age difference and how […]

Speaking Sister Love

Zizza threw a fit because I decided to comb Enzo’s hair first. “I always go first!” she screamed. That’s true of course. Generally speaking I only comb Enzo’s hair because he see’s me combing Zizza’s and wants a turn too. One of the joys of having a young son with only a small about of ultra blond hair is that combing said hair is entirely […]

Come baaaaack!

My Boy is finding his will. Recently I’ve found myself saying things like “Tiny stop, stop…STOP” and “Get down please. climb down Boy. BOY. DOWN. NOW. GET!” an awful lot.This happened on Tuesday.He made a break for it while I was getting the stroller out. I had the New One strapped to my chest in the Ergo Baby and thus couldn’t run to catch him, […]