Tiny Boy

What dreams may come

Enzo came to me one day and said “mom, sometimes I get scared in the night and I can’t go back to sleep so I just lay in my bed feeling scared,” I asked him why he didn’t come find me when that happened and he said it was because we always tell them not to get out of bed once their tucked in.  My […]

Take that, diapers

Today I started potty training in earnest. I’ve been pussy-footing around it for months now and it was time to act.I also started canning my pears for the year. I’ve got a batch of pear butter in my crock pot right now making my house smell like a big slice of heavenly pie.You’d think I would have shifted one task or the other so they […]


One of my favorite things to do as a child of five was to hoist my “husky” baby brother into my arms, spin him around for as long as I could keep hold of him and then watch him fall down as he tried to walk away. He liked the game too, spinning is fun after all. Eventually though, he learned to sit down and […]

A new skill

Over the past month and a half my young son has started to play with toys. I mean actually play with them. In the past he would hold one and carry it around while he did whatever it was he was doing. Now he’s interacting with the toys and with his sister. It’s been fascinating to watch the change come on. Now, for your enjoyment […]

Have a look at this photo

There’s my boy in the wake of desertion when his sister left for Joy School a bit ago.I could tell you about the uncommonly strong bond between them and how sad he was that she’d left him and he was attempting to unlock the door so as to run lovingly and loyally after her. But that would be a lie.Her leaving did pique his interest […]

Grandpa’s Blocks

I’ve been so busy procrastinating the pile of sewing I’ve got to do I found myself completely unprepared for Easter. Unprepared for the bunny part anyway. Last week I called my mother, just 2 days before she was scheduled to come down for a visit and asked if she could squeeze in a trip to the toy store before she came down. She knows a […]

I was peed on last night.

Enzo was a very tired missed his nap boy. He was also a boy who’d had two explosive diapers during the day so skipping bath time was not an option.The tub was filling, I’d undressed the small squirmy boy and he was perched on my lap, head snuggling against my shoulder arms around my neck as he squatted, standing on my knees. It sounds like […]

A Birthday Post

There was a party with cake and presents. It was great, it really was. It happened the Saturday before the actual event and we didn’t get any pictures of it. That meant we had to do something worth photographing on the actual day of his birth, so I made cookies,   and he ate some. Actually, what he did was dip it over and over […]


I was trying to post about my darling boy’s second birthday which happened this week but apparently I am not allowed.My photos will not post.I suppose I’ll have to go photoless for the time being. My darling boy turned two. Two whole years since I birthed him. Two whole years since I woke in the night with the wee tiny thing tucked beside me. I […]

Improve the Shining Moments

I’ve been storing bottled fruit under the crib in Enzo’s room. Turns out, that was a mistake.I guess the real mistake was getting a bottle out while he was watching. That happened a month or two ago and since then he’ll occasionally bring me a bottle. I tell him “no,” and put the bottle away and that’s is for a few weeks when he brings […]