It is finished

I completed my table painting at about one o’clock on Thursday afternoon. Just in time to seat ten people around it for dinner that evening when my family (some of them) arrived for the weekend.This is my favorite view of the legs Too bad there won’t be much opportunity to look at them upside down and backward like that.Here is what it looks like from […]


I celebrated big this year. April fool’s.The above was actually only my second frank of the day.I also texted my sister and told her there was a moth in her hair.When I was four she got me with that same trick. Only there were no cellphones involved that time. There is however a recording of my little 4 year old voice stating that something I […]

Paint: Grrrr!

I am ready to start painting stripes on my table. Or I would be if I could get it smooth. I should have spray painted the base color…but I didn’t so now I am dealing with the ramifications.When I look straight down and the table top, it is lovely. But when I look from the side… Argh!Anybody know how to make that smooth and pretty? […]

Of my dreams

I few years ago I was browsing around Anthropologie’s website and found this table.I gasped and brought my hand to my heart the way I do when I see something beautiful. It was love at first sight.I kept my eye on that table until it went on clearance. The final price was something like $600.00. No where near my budget. Especially since it was smaller […]

Advice requested.

So, We bought this dining set. I’ve had my eye out for something this shape for ages and finally found something on Craig’s list Hurrah! The only trouble is this shell motif that’s carved in the legs. I’d really rather have smooth legs (that’s why I shave every day) It seems to me that with a combination of wood putty and sanding, I could make […]