I win!

Some of you may have been around here long enough to remember this A year ago I was very disappointed in my inability to obtain clogs for my Zizza. Her feet are just so dang tiny, there wasn’t a pair to be had. But Guess what?She grew! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear her clomp clomp clomping around the house. […]


We’ve had a pair of rainy, magical days. I went out yesterday into the beautifully overcast morning and felt the glory of the day. The sky full of clouds made the normally sun drenched scenery come to life. Since I’ve lived here my reactions to weather are quite often the opposite of what I expect, based on the experience of my previous life in the […]

The Scorned -part one

First, the whole pile of banished footwear I got these in the early years on my marriage when the craving for the perfect brown boot overtook my soul. These tided me over but never really satisfied the craving, besides my feet slide around in them a bit, I hate that. So good bye brown boots, I hope you make someone very happy in your own, […]

Golden wedges

I’m in the market for a pair. I saw a woman wearing some and the idea stealthily crept into my head and took over. My summer simply won’t be complete unless I spend a goodly portion of it walking about in golden wedges. I’d really like an espadrille if I can find it but I haven’t had much luck. So far, this is my best […]

Another goal acheived

I’ve been planning a massive closet purge for a while now. Saturday I set a goal to get rid of 20 pairs of shoes. I am a shoe girl.I did it. It wasn’t even hard, and I actually got rid of 21 pair. Way to over achieve huh?I took pictures, and I’m going to tell the tales of the favorites among the scorned. I haven’t […]

all that glitters

My newest shoes make me feel like Dorothy Gale.That Frank Baum knows a thing or two about magical accessories.


There is a recipe for turning a minor interest of mine into an obsession. First of course there has to be that minor interest, then I have to think about that for a bit until it occurs to me that I should look online for the item of interest. After a google search or two I move on to ebay and then the process is […]