Did I tell you I made a wedding gown in February?It was a lot of fun to do the Bridal thing again, It’s been about three years since my last one. Rachael was great to work with, knew what she wanted but open to suggestions, essentially the perfect client.Thanks to Beka at Lowe Photography for the fabulous photos.Lowe Photography,

For Sophie

I got to make the dress for a baby to blessed in. That’s what I took time off wedding sewing for.Here it is     It’s two pieces. The simple satin dress;   And the lace jacket     There’s not much I find prettier than a neat and narrow rolled hem. The sight makes my soul purr.   And finally, because I like the […]

A dress and the study of a sleeve.

I started this at the end of last summer. I made the bodice in no time flat. It was one of those blessed projects that just comes together exactly the way you envisioned it on the first try. The skirt was another story. After my first attempt at the skirt failed miserably I put it away and forgot it for the winter.When spring came, I […]

Packed up and in the mail

A few weeks back my good friend Kristi called. She and her husband are finally able to be sealed to their daughter so it was time for me to start on the dress.I promised to make this dress years ago so, in spite of the seven flower girls and four brides maids dresses on my to do list, I set to work on the sealing […]

Baby sewing

I’m going to a baby shower later on. Twins.What to give to the expectant mother of twins? Little matching outfits? A million baby socks? A pile of diapers? I thought about a diaper wallet, but I made one of those just a few weeks ago. I can never go into business making these things because I’d be forced to dig my eyes out if I […]

A pink t-shirt

When I was a senior in High school and working at JC Penney, a change started coming over me. My favorite color had been red, then it morphed into Orange and now, it was morphing again. There was a pink flowered T-shirt in the Jr department, right across the isle from the Misses sportswear department where I worked. The Jr’s associate and I worked closely, […]

Thank you Monkey

  My garage freezer is plugged into a GFCI outlet. That’s not recommended but It’s the only outlet available so it’s the one being used. After two years of thinking “we really need to have another outlet put in that wall” whenever the situation comes to mind, the inevitable happened and it tripped. That Monday I went out to the freezer and thought “How annoying, […]

Birthday cape redemption.

Zizza went through a cape phase last September/October. But here’s the thing, she didn’t have a cape. To fill the void she started wearing the kerchief that came with her foam rollers tied about her shoulders. It made a very sorry looking cape.   See what I mean? Since it was made to secure rollers to one’s head while sleeping it is rather ill suited […]


  This little girl is looking for a new home. She has a new valentine’s day outfit and she’s waiting for a little girl to take her home and love her. You can find her here if you’d like to invite her to stay at your house. You may find some other things you’d like while you’re there.  

Making cookies

Cookie was a very happy monster. He’s been living here over two years and finally, he has some cookies of his own.   These felt cookies upped the monster’s play value considerably. He’s always been loved, but he’s so much more agreeable when there are cookies for him to eat. Enzo likes stuffing the cookies in his mouth the best.   Zizza prefers to help […]