Bytes of random from my weekend

If I’d been able to log on to my parent’s wireless I would have posted any number of times over the weekend.I wasn’t able to log on though, so all of those would be posts have truncated into fluttering little ideas, bouncing about inside my skull. Every time one of those little winged bytes rebounds off the surface of my mind it triggers a mite […]

The Race

You’ve all bee waiting for this, I know. Well, the time has arrived friends. Without further ado I give you my run down of The 2009 Wasatch Back   Here we are, the van one crowd ready to head out. That’s the only picture I’ve got that includes me. I have a few awkward mid-run shots of my teammates, but I don’t know how well […]

Back to life

After two and a half days as an awesome kick-A running runner chick during the Wasatch Back, I returned to my Mother in law’s house, my children and my identity as a mother of three. Picture this; three young children who’ve spent two weeks away from their home and their beds, plus two days and three nights away form their mother. Now, put those children […]

It’s quiet time

The new one is sleeping. Enzo is in the next room not sleeping. Actually he’s crying at the moment. Zizza is up stairs experimenting with the world of heat-vent communication. “Enz, hello? This is your sister speaking” I’m going over lists. Lists of what to pack for the race, what I need, what I have, where I need to go to get what I need, […]


I, along with the Mr and some friends, ran a 5K at the Zoo yesterday morning. I learned a thing or two during this, my first race.1-Hills are a pain2-I’d prefer never to run in the light of day3-I’m every bit as slow as I thought I was. The real miracle of the event was finding a babysitter who was willing to come at 6 […]

The good news is

My foot is not broken. The bad news is I still can’t run more than a single mile on it which is a problem.More good news; I’ve been referred to a podiatrist who schedules appointments through his web site. No need for phone calls means that so far this guy is the Dr of my dreams. Still on the subject of good news, look at […]

Run along

I’ve been running. I’m training for this. Last night on my run I marveled at my progress since I started my training two months ago. At the beginning, eight minutes of solid running was a triumph. I spent a generous portion of my workouts in fear that either my lungs or my head would explode before I made it home.During my run last night I […]


Here’s the deal folks. I like to run. At times in my life I’ve even loved to run. I’ve been meaning to get back into it these four years since I’ve become a mother, I just can’t figure out how. Not how to run, I know how to do that, I’ve even done it a time or two. I can’t figure out how to do […]