So, as I was strolling through the pacifier department as my local grocery store one day while I was still preggers, I noticed the NUK starlight pacifiers.They were lovely! Such clean lines, the colors, though limited, were fantastic! Never had I seen a paci so sleek and stylish. I bought a two pack and sent one off to a friend, saving the other for my […]

A pile of vomit and a shirtless mother

Tuesday morning found me bustling about getting ready for my joy school lesson. Finally at about 9:00, thirty minutes before the children were due to arrive, I decided it was high time I got myself and my child ready. I deemed that not having the cups and napkins on the counter ready for snack time would be much less of a problem for me than […]

Take That!

Well I’ve done it. I kicked NaBloPoMo’s hinder. It was all “I dare to to try Eva, you’ll never make it a whole month, even if you do manage to post everyday while you’re on vacation, you’ll forget some other stupid time when all you’ll do all day is sit on the couch not posting.”And I was all “Oh yeah NaBloPoMo? you think you can […]


We went on a little shopping trip today. First to Michaels where I was that mother who nags at her child constantly when the child seems to be behaving relatively well and does nothing but nag some more when the child is naughty. I hadn’t noticed yet the impact my cold was having on my behaviour. On the walk from Michaels to Target I realized, […]


I have a zit on my head the kind that has so much pressure built up within it’s gnarly blemish soul, it gives you a head ache. It is just above, and to the inside of my left eye brow. I might be able to disguise the redness with pounds of concealer but concealer will do nothing for 3 inches it protrudes from my head. […]

Degeneration of Society

I was standing in line in Carl’s Jr when I something caught my attention. There was an old woman shamelessly sipping diet coke from a complimentary water cup. Then I looked at her husband. Sure enough, he too had a water cup. His was filled with lemonade. Before they left the woman went back to the soda fountain and stole another 12 oz of diet […]

Quagmire of spirit

I have just finished reading Gone With the Wind. It really is an amazing book.I often get caught up in books but my heart actually breaks with this one. Every time Scarlett fails to realize Rhett loves her it wrenches my soul a little bit more and the last chapter is absolute agony but I love it so.My heart isn’t broken over Scarlett she is […]

Pet peves

I have fewer of them than I used to because they really are unhealthy, but here is a list. Some I have out grown, others are as fresh as a spring morning. I’ll let you decide which are which. -When people write sequels to books other people wrote. Especially when they don’t bother to read the story they’re attempting to continue and make contradictions with […]

this is not letter G

Someone has stolen my child and replaced her with a very naughty facsimile. This afternoon she drew crayon lines hither thither about the house. I continue to find more as the day goes on. She sat in time-out for that one for probably ten minutes by the time all was said and done. She also will have to wash every last smudge off the walls […]