Carousel, blech

The other day I was singing in the shower, as I am wont to do, and found “What’s the Use of Wondrin” flowing from my lips. This was a surprise. I was in “Carousel” as a high school junior but that song was a Julie Jordan solo. My job during the scene was to stand and nod in an inspired fashion while Julie poured out […]

Enough with the puke already!

It would seem I need to create a whole category here for vomit related posts. That’s right. It happened again tonight.We were at Panda Express, the favorite of both my children. I was waiting at the table with Enzo when, out of nowhere, he started the tell tale gagging cough. This time I caught it in my bare hands. Lucky it wasn’t more than a […]

Dashed dreams

We stopped in at a bike shop to inquire about the possibility of conveying three children under the power of a lone biking adult.Last Christmastime, while walking through the mall I happened upon a bike shop, it’s windows full of beautifully painted, basket laden beach cruisers. I have no interest in biking long distances or through mountains and accordingly my interest in bikes died when […]

Really now!

I can’t figure out what my problem is with doll clothes. I’ve been working all day and the only fruits I have to show for my labor are an abandoned ill shaped t-shirt, a some what less ill shaped dress that will at least be suitable for Baby Girl to adopt on behalf of her own dolls, and a bodice, fairly well constructed though it […]

Warning- this post is not for the weak of stomach!

Yesterday I was in the food court at the mall and there was a girl wearing a “class of ’10” t-shirt and awful denim underpants with a slit about an inch to the left of the left back pocket that equaled the length of the pocket in question, allowing for a generous view of side cheek. So I’m sitting there enjoying my lunch when she […]

a wedding report

Ruffled diaper covers for baby girl bums I am not including a photo of the baby niece’s dress because I already did in this post. This is Baby Girl’s ensemble. I decided I liked the eyelet skirt better than the stripped dress so all I made for her was the satin belt with the beaded buckle. Little Bitty’s dress I made to match the blouse […]


I awoke this morning to the sound of my dog vomiting in his kennel. Being serenaded in one’s waking moments really is a good way to ease into the day, and dog retching lends such a peaceful tone to any situation. Makes a girl feel all chipper and ready to face whatever the coming day has in store!

Dear frozen food company that rhymes with “Lawn” Man,

Thank you for stopping by every second Monday for the past 2 years to see if I am in need of any frozen goods. I heartily enjoy the cut corn and beef taquitos you supply. I also appreciate the fact that despite my rudeness in pretending not to be home when I don’t need anything you continue to be courteous on the rare occasion that […]

Baskets of junk

For the past few years since the Easter Bunny has been coming to our house I’ve been a bit conflicted.You see, he has been bringing cheap-y easter themed toys and such. The kind of thing that is fun for a few days and then lies around the house until I find opportunity to sneak it into the trash.The conflict comes from the fact that I […]


I hate it when people add music to their blogs! There is only one blog I’ve ever encountered who does so but I hate it. I hate it so much I just left without even reading any thing other that the sentence I got through before the dreaded music turned on. The music interrupts my thought pattern. I get into a blogging zone of sorts […]