New One

A pink t-shirt

When I was a senior in High school and working at JC Penney, a change started coming over me. My favorite color had been red, then it morphed into Orange and now, it was morphing again. There was a pink flowered T-shirt in the Jr department, right across the isle from the Misses sportswear department where I worked. The Jr’s associate and I worked closely, […]

Don’t talk to me when I’m dealing with poop

Lunch has been eaten by all. The older two have adjourned to the back yard and the new one has grown tired of her chair.I’m hoisting her out, one hand grasps under an arm while the other slides under the bum and finds slime. “Darn it,” I’m thinking, “She must have spit a lot and it’s dribbled into the bottom of her seat.” I reposition […]

C’mon and wake up!

Sleeping with a smile on her face…Disturbed by my nosy picture taking…Didn’t take her longto warm up.The new one is feeling much better and in a delightful stage. She spends her free time on a blanket lined floor in happy baby pose, rolling from side to side on her back like an up turned turtle and admiring her own sweet toes.Unlike most five month-olds who […]

The Deceptive Baby

Does this baby look to you like she has Bronchialitis (which may or may not be RSV)and a matched pair of ear infections? No? Well, that’s probably because she was perfectly healthy when this photo was taken two months ago, but if you imagine her hair a little longer and her cheeks a little rounder, you will have an accurate image of what she looks […]

A New Love

My boy loves crayons, and pencils and markers… you get the idea. I guess it’s coloring that he loves, more than crayons. His sister didn’t get interested in coloring until she was closer to three. I wonder to myself what made the difference. Did he become interested earlier because he saw her coloring, or is he naturally more interested in that sort of thing? Mix […]

4 months new

4 months ago today we thought our foster parenting days were over.4 months ago today we got the phone call saying there was an hours old baby needing a home.We didn’t hesitate to say “yes” even in spite of the fact we’d decided to let our license expire at the year’s end and count our lesson learned.Now we have eleven pounds of four month old, […]

Dashed dreams

We stopped in at a bike shop to inquire about the possibility of conveying three children under the power of a lone biking adult.Last Christmastime, while walking through the mall I happened upon a bike shop, it’s windows full of beautifully painted, basket laden beach cruisers. I have no interest in biking long distances or through mountains and accordingly my interest in bikes died when […]

tragic trick-or-treats

Last night we got all dressed up and set out. We had a party to get to and the plan was to trick-or-treat our way there. So we did. My Tiny Ghost was darn-near irresistible tripping up the walks with his little orange bag over his ghoulish wee arm. Here’s where the tragedy comes in. Maybe one in five houses had their lights on, of […]