My Girl likes to play “computer games” One might wonder why that is worth mentioning. Many four year olds enjoy such amusements. Look at the attention she giving the computer in this photo and then guess what she’s playing.Got it?Check out the look on her face in this next one and see if you’re still happy with your guess.If you guessed a blank word document […]

Bike it up

Baby Girl bought a bike for herself with her birthday money.In the days preceding the shopping trip I lamented over the lack of gender neutral bikes for young children. I was certain we’d be driving home with a pink something covered in glitter and maybe a princess or two. I felt really bad for Tiny, knowing I’ll be too cheap to buy a second itty […]

The bright side

I had an unfortunate morning. Instead of dwelling on that though, I decided to look for the blessings that came sandwiched between the misfortunes.I tried to thread my sewing machine (whose name is Serasponda by the way) and found that the damage was worse than I’d previously thought. The blessing is that she is currently at the Bernina shop being taken care of and should […]


On Friday the unthinkable happened. I was here, at the computer trying to order pizza. A bit of fuss from my children caused me to look to my right where my sewing machines reside. I only just had time to yell a futile yell before I saw it play out in slow motion before my eyes. Tiny’s hand grasping the snap-on sewing platform and pulling […]

Come baaaaack!

My Boy is finding his will. Recently I’ve found myself saying things like “Tiny stop, stop…STOP” and “Get down please. climb down Boy. BOY. DOWN. NOW. GET!” an awful lot.This happened on Tuesday.He made a break for it while I was getting the stroller out. I had the New One strapped to my chest in the Ergo Baby and thus couldn’t run to catch him, […]


I made this top about three months ago, heavens to Betsy how time does fly.I’ve been meaning to get around to posting it this whole time.You’re just going to have to excuse the wrinkles here. I’m wearing the top today and decided after wrestling with my children and vacuuming my stairs that I should take some pictures of it, finally. So I stripped it off […]

Gives me a thrill

Have you heard about Shabby Apple? Have you heard about the vignette contest going on right now? I guess you know now. Join in the fun!Here are my vignettes, enjoy! My First Vignette; “Secretarial Skills”(please note, the belt should be gold but there is not a photo available of the gold version)Abby always wanted to be a secretary. She watched movies like “Thoroughly Modern Millie” […]