Ahh, pie

How I love thee. Beautiful, edible artwork.There was peachCrimped and sugaredladen with stars.Apple crostata, simple and heavenly.Then there was this beauty. Starting out…almost there,Perfection.Actually, not quite perfection. My pies have a tendency to be soupy. I need to remember to add extra tapioca, or cornstarch, or flour depending on what thickening agent is employed in my recipe. I suppose it’s just as well. If I’d […]

Speaking Sister Love

Zizza threw a fit because I decided to comb Enzo’s hair first. “I always go first!” she screamed. That’s true of course. Generally speaking I only comb Enzo’s hair because he see’s me combing Zizza’s and wants a turn too. One of the joys of having a young son with only a small about of ultra blond hair is that combing said hair is entirely […]

I win!

Some of you may have been around here long enough to remember this A year ago I was very disappointed in my inability to obtain clogs for my Zizza. Her feet are just so dang tiny, there wasn’t a pair to be had. But Guess what?She grew! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear her clomp clomp clomping around the house. […]

Dashed dreams

We stopped in at a bike shop to inquire about the possibility of conveying three children under the power of a lone biking adult.Last Christmastime, while walking through the mall I happened upon a bike shop, it’s windows full of beautifully painted, basket laden beach cruisers. I have no interest in biking long distances or through mountains and accordingly my interest in bikes died when […]


I had an orthodontic adjustment and a pelvic exam this morning. Does that not sound like a stellar combination? Some one should open an orthodonist/obgyn practice. That would save a lot of time. They could put up a curtain at the waist so the two doctors could tend to their respective duties without interfering with one another.


It happened again. I started sewing this morning and after what seemed like half an hour at the machine it was time to go make dinner.So much time mysteriously vanished today that it was too dark to take any photos by the time I finished up. Am I the only one this happens to? I kept thinking the New One wasn’t napping well and wondering […]

New do

I was done being blonde. Oh, so done being blonde.Also tired of being beholden to my flat iron as I have been for nearly five years now. Observe the natural texture of my hair, in this photo I did nothing but blow-dry. I used my paddle brush to control the crazier waves around my face but in the back I just pointed the blow drier […]

Death by shopping

My dear Mr. took kid duty all day today so I could shop for the clothing we will all wear in our family pictures. I shopped and shopped and shopped and then kept on shopping. I left my house at 11:00 am and returned at 6:30 pm.I didn’t find much of what I was looking for and I came home with a lot of things […]