I have finished my first Halloween project. It’s about time too, I started this monster at the beginning of September. It’s amazing what can happen to your project time line when someone drops off a newborn at your house. Without further ado, Here it is. The Elephant.The legs won’t be quite so bunchy on the child it’s made for. Baby Girl is a full head […]

Smiling again

Today our New One had an appointment smack int the middle of nap time for Tiny. It gave me the perfect excuse to get a babysitter.The appointment was completed in all of five minutes and I was off to the fabric store.I walked around the store for a full ten minutes just taking deep breaths of solitude. Sure, I had a baby along but she […]

Bad News

I learned today that the annual neighborhood Halloween carnival is no more.I’m feeling rather crestfallen but I’m clinging to hope that I’ll be able to find another event where our family costuming effort will be appreciated.

Progress Report

Halloween is fast approaching and I’ve been a bit side tracked, what with our New One and all. I’m going to have to buckle down, I’m afraid.Here’s our progress so far; This heap and hoop are my elephant. It’s actually much more than a heap, but that could be a post of it’s own so I’ll hold off on the details for now. Here we […]

A Jolly Holliday

It’s coming, the best day of the year. Everything’s worked out brilliantly so far. I hope my Halloween luck holds out.We watched Marry Poppins at my mother in law’s house when we were there back in March. I decided then that I was going to be Winnifred Banks for Halloween. I didn’t think to ask/coerce/demand that the Mr dress up as George Banks because I’d […]