The Party

This is one of the Halloween posts I warned you about. It’s actually About Baby Girl’s birthday party, but she had a Halloween party so, yeah. I didn’t realize October had slipped by so fast so, on the Sunday before her birthday when they called her to the front of the room and sang to her during primary I had a mini panic attack. In […]

Still more Halloween posts

No, you have not heard the last of it. I have at least two more Halloween related posts to come. I’m tempted to spew them all out at once. The thing that’s holding me back is the fear that I’ll find myself in the middle of NaBloPoMo with nothing to say and curse the day I shamelessly squandered valuable posts.Anyway, here goes. This is a […]

tragic trick-or-treats

Last night we got all dressed up and set out. We had a party to get to and the plan was to trick-or-treat our way there. So we did. My Tiny Ghost was darn-near irresistible tripping up the walks with his little orange bag over his ghoulish wee arm. Here’s where the tragedy comes in. Maybe one in five houses had their lights on, of […]

The smell of Halloween

You know what I mean, right? The inside of a trick-or-treat bag. A mixture or bubble gum and tootsie rolls. If you had a good year, maybe there would be enough chocolate in your bag that you could smell that too. I alternately love and hate that smell.This bag was my first ever knitting project. Well, first completed, second attempted. Two years ago my mother […]

Jane Banks

She’s on her way out to door to go fly a kite with her Father who’s newly released from his preoccupation with the world of finance.My girl is a poser, she loves to pose. Can you tell?She ripped the tails off the bow when she took the dress off after her Joy School party. Remind me to fix that in time for this evening’s festivities.During […]


I can’t find my glue gun.And I have butterfly wings to mount!What ever will I do?


Remember how I wasn’t going to post pictures until everybody was dressed and coiffed?I lied, or changed my mind anyway.Have you ever seen a more adorable ghost? If you have, I’m going to need for you to lie and say “no”Now it’s time for truth. As much as I love the pointy head, I’m afraid it looks at bit too Klann-ish. Should I round it […]

Right on Target

The Jane Banks dress is done. Finished last night. I’m thinking I can bust out the Tiny’s costume in time to move on to the New One today and get ahead of schedule. That will be nice for a change. I’ll post pictures when everything is complete with shoes and hair.

Do Not Disturb

I have until Wednesday to make costumes for my children. That’s a costume a day.Today I sew for Baby Girl That’s her Jane Banks collar up there, I’m pleating away.Tomorrow I will tackle Tiny Boy Wednesday I’ll see to the New One.What does this all mean for my children? Television. They are watching Cinderella right now, then we will move on to another movie and […]

poor little thing

Observe what happens to poor little pumpkins carved at the beginning of October and surrendered to the elements of the Arizona desert.At least it’s not moldy.