A child’s view of food storage

On the way home from Ballet today she says “Mom, sometimes it’s ok to eat boogeys” “no,” I say, “not really. You should use a tissue” and the conversation continued thusly; BG. But sometimes, if I don’t have a tissue I could just put them in my moufEva. No, it’s still not ok to put them in your mouthBG. (earnestly) But I need a snack! […]

Christmas yums; a recipe

Unwrap a bag of huggs or kisses Place each one on top of a pretzel snap Tuck the whole lot into a 250 degree oven for 3 minutes or untill melted through Squash an m&m on the tops of them all and let cool until set.

Only, I’m the mom this time

As I stood at the stove stirring white sauce for dinner I glimpsed a flash of pink over the fence. I dashed for the camera and managed to catch some of the pink while I continued stirring. My favorite thing about the photo is, how it showcases the dirt splotches on my window. I have not washed that window since I was Preggers. With my […]

To the tune of “Popcorn Popping”

I cleaned out the re-fridge and what did I find?Caramel-ice-cream topping from two thousand and fiveThis cleaning thing brought me such a nice surpriseMold spores growing right before my eyesI could take a spoon full and make a treat,an ice-cream sundae that would taste so neatIt wasn’t actually moldy but it seemed to mea good idea to toss it ‘fore it got to be Yeah, […]

Degeneration of Society

I was standing in line in Carl’s Jr when I something caught my attention. There was an old woman shamelessly sipping diet coke from a complimentary water cup. Then I looked at her husband. Sure enough, he too had a water cup. His was filled with lemonade. Before they left the woman went back to the soda fountain and stole another 12 oz of diet […]