Humbling service

I took dinner to a neighbor in need last night. I really enjoy doing that. The transportation part always stresses me out some, (especially after the incident where I spilled cream of potato soup in my car and it it never smelled the same again) but I love planning a comforting meal for someone who, for what ever reason, needs it. This time there were […]

Pizza for dinner

Pizza of the barbecue chicken variety.The dough rises in anticipation and I consider the possibility of cheesy pull apart bread.

Ahh, pie

How I love thee. Beautiful, edible artwork.There was peachCrimped and sugaredladen with stars.Apple crostata, simple and heavenly.Then there was this beauty. Starting out…almost there,Perfection.Actually, not quite perfection. My pies have a tendency to be soupy. I need to remember to add extra tapioca, or cornstarch, or flour depending on what thickening agent is employed in my recipe. I suppose it’s just as well. If I’d […]

Roast Vegetable Quiche

I was all ready to tell you all about my dinner last night. It was really good, but I think it’s going to make a sort of boring post. I think recipe posts need pretty pictures of yummy food to really be interesting. The pictures of my roast vegetable quiche didn’t turn out very pretty. You know what was pretty? The quiche. The cheese was […]

Grandma Bread

My Grandma made the best bread. I use past tense because she doesn’t make it anymore, not since Grandpa died. She made it for him. She doesn’t see a reason to go to the trouble just for herself. I made bread on my own for the first time when I was in the neighborhood of ten years old. It just so happened that we went […]


Oh, how I love thee. My favorite of condiments, or are you a chutney? Regardless, you are delicious. Here is my recipe.Ingredients:5-7 grape tomatoes cut in half length-wise and then in thirdsa thin (1/8 inch) slice of red onion, chopped fine1 clove garlic, minced2 1/8 inch slices of green pepper, also chopped finea handful of chopped cilantro3 avocadoessalt and pepperjuice of a lime First off, […]

Nachos according to Eva

One day, a few years back I was hankering after some nachos. Not just cheese on chips melted in the microwave but Nachos with a capital “N”. The problem was I had no carne asada or beef of any kind for that matter, but nachos I had to have and so, out of necessity, the Nachos were born. Now, I share the recipe with you […]

Dear frozen food company that rhymes with “Lawn” Man,

Thank you for stopping by every second Monday for the past 2 years to see if I am in need of any frozen goods. I heartily enjoy the cut corn and beef taquitos you supply. I also appreciate the fact that despite my rudeness in pretending not to be home when I don’t need anything you continue to be courteous on the rare occasion that […]

Oh My Ganache!

I hosted my bunko group last evening. I don’t think there is anything more fitting to serve a group of women on the eve of Valentines day than Chocolate fondue.I had strawberries, blueberries (my personal favorite to dip), kiwi, bananas, pretzels, peanut butter cookies, and disappointingly, a random fruity flavor of gummy hearts. I thought I was buying cinnamon hearts. Gummy cinnamon things are so […]

I heart contest

We only got through about half the cookies at the cookie party last night so this afternoon I finished the job. Here you see the fruits of my labor.Most of the word cookies were inspired by a certain love song, this is where the contest comes in. The first person to guess what song inspired the cookies will win! Not these cookies because, well, they’d […]