Encyclopedia of me

Pet peves

I have fewer of them than I used to because they really are unhealthy, but here is a list. Some I have out grown, others are as fresh as a spring morning. I’ll let you decide which are which. -When people write sequels to books other people wrote. Especially when they don’t bother to read the story they’re attempting to continue and make contradictions with […]


This is my favorite part of the alphabet song but as much as I love to sing it I’ve had a heap of trouble thinking of topics for each of the letters. Except of course L, but mnop is not the same without l so I included it. Now let me see if I can come up with a little something for each of the […]


My dear child is my letter L. My first born, smart, sweet child. She is going through a difficult stage right now but even in the midst of it she is adorable and good. She often sits next to me as I fold her laundry and exclaims at each item as I fold it. “Mom, you washed my Belle panties, thank you!” “Oh, thank you […]

Kindred Spirits

Thank you L.M. Montgomery for introducing me to the concept of Kindred Spirits or people who belong to “the race that knows Joseph”. It is a concept that I hold dear.It’s thrilling, isn’t it, to meet a kindred spirit? It’s so much more than having things in common. I have met people before who have quite a few common interests with me but are not […]


Incorrigible inept illuminating ill at ease innumerable infantile illiterate illegitimate ill fitting ill humored inconceivable irrefutable irreverent ice island Iceland Ikea Ike and Tina Igor Rockmonanov I haven’t been able to come up with anything for I. The Mr and I have been listing I words all evening but to no avail. The exercise of typing whichever I words came to mind did make me […]

Happy Husband

The saying is “mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy” but I propose that the same is true of daddy. Maybe this is only true because mama can’t be happy if daddy isn’t, but true is true. I do not enjoy a grumpy husband. It makes me feel awful lonely when he’s grumping around not talking and the like. I guess it does have it’s advantages […]

Garbage can

I have a lovely new one. The stainless steel variety. I’ve been wanting one for ages but just couldn’t justify spending $40.00 on a garbage can. Seriously, how important is garbage? Then last week, or so, I was walking through Target thinking about things I could do to make my house look nicer so that someone will like it the best out of the 100 […]


As we have been filling out adoption paperwork I’ve been reminded of how fortunate I am. I have led a very blessed life. The paperwork asks questions about disappointments you’ve had in your life. The best I could come up with for that was not getting the part I wanted in the school play. It asked about loss. Well, all but one of my grandparents […]


In elementary school whenever the teacher asked us to think of a word that described our selves and stared with our first initial I always chose energetic. Energetic really does not describe the little girl I was at school. I can’t think of an e word that does completely. I was very shy. I spent my time either engrossed (there’s a partial match) in my […]