Encyclopedia of me

Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate

One of my favorite pieces of literature Too Many DavesBy Doctor Seuss Did I ever tell you that Mrs McCaveHad twenty-three sons and she named them all Dave?Well, she did. And that wasn’t a smart thing to do.You see, when she wants one and calls out “Yoo Hoo!Come into the house, Dave!” She doesn’t get one.All twenty-three Daves of hers come on the run!This makes […]


Not the animal yak, the slang term for puking. (I like how I used a second slang term to define the first) I only yaked 17 times during my last pregnancy. The thing about this that really defines me as a person is the fact that I counted. I kept a paper on the fridge with tally marks so I wouldn’t lose track. As long […]

I am not using xylophone

Xenophobe; a person who fears foreigners and strange customs.I consider myself a xenophobe. I am not afraid of people foreign to this country per se, really more just from other planets. What I am actually afraid of is the portrayal of space aliens in the media. Big head and eyes all veiny and pale with long Joe Peterson fingers and crap like that. Terrified. That […]


I wish…I could have my current life, home friends neighbourhood etc without living so far away from my family.I could DanceHair would grow as fast or as slow as you willed itI’d lost my baby weight as fast as I did last timeI’d get off my hinder and lose the 10 lbs alreadyI could have warm winters and cool summersI could jaunt to Utah for […]


I like things like that. Colors, memories, flavors, contrast.I love to have vivdly colored accesories. A friend once told me ” you can always tell who is having the most fun at a party because she’s the one wearing red shoes” I haven’t found this entirely true. I’ve worn red shoes to parties that I didn’t enjoy much. I do think, however, that even though […]


Back in my joy school days we had a lesson, or maybe a bunch of them, on being unique. What a wonderful thing to be your self and know there’s no one else quite like you. I took the knowledge of my uniquety to my heart and it has served me well. Even through the conformist years of teenagerhood I valued myself enough to stand […]


I am so often tempted. Throughout my days temptations rise. Brought on my the silliest of things they tempt me to do things yet sillier. A few hours ago I was tempted to make brownies with my daughter and 2 other young girls who were here playing. I can’t imagine why that sounded so fun. Looking back on it, it sounds like screaming through a […]


One of the loves of my life. I haven’t been doing as much of it as I’d like of late. I’ve been too busy feeling stressed out over all of the things I need to do and thus not doing anything very productive. A few weeks ago I did finally take an hour to make a skirt I’d been planning for months, all the while […]


I am getting ready to do Joy School with Baby Girl. It is the preschool program I did when I was little. I loved it so much. I have always planned to do it with my kids and now I get to. Everyday in Joy School you talk about the weather and mark on a weather chart what it’s like outside that day. I am […]

Quagmire of spirit

I have just finished reading Gone With the Wind. It really is an amazing book.I often get caught up in books but my heart actually breaks with this one. Every time Scarlett fails to realize Rhett loves her it wrenches my soul a little bit more and the last chapter is absolute agony but I love it so.My heart isn’t broken over Scarlett she is […]