This is it

What do you think?  You like it? Props to Kirstin  at June Lily for making it pretty. Now I’ve done it, I’ve made the switch and to reward you for having patience with me and my learning curve on word press I’ll be having a give away.  At the end of my first week anyone who’s followed me over here will be entered. Just to […]


  This little girl is looking for a new home. She has a new valentine’s day outfit and she’s waiting for a little girl to take her home and love her. You can find her here if you’d like to invite her to stay at your house. You may find some other things you’d like while you’re there.  


This is Melanie. This is Melanie’s favorite outfit. It is the favorite because it’s good for running around and getting dirty but since it’s a dress, not pants, she can do all that and still look like a lady. Melanie likes this dress because it is all dotty to match her face. Mel is very proud of her freckles, she just wishes she had some […]


This poor little bald dolly has got to get some hair by tomorrow but I am conflicted and can’t move on until a decision is made.What do you think of the freckles? I tried them as an experiment and I’m still not sure what I think. I have to decide before the hair goes on because the hair will cover the loose ends of the […]

I shall whine over doll clothes no more

At long last Tuesday night I came up with a little frock for each doll that I wasn’t ashamed of. I’m not all too proud of them, but I’m not ashamed and that was the best I could do at that point, such a state was I in.Baby Girl Doll got this yellow plaid seersucker. Incidentally I have plans to make the actual Baby Girl […]

Dropping in on the dollies

“Good heavens! You’ve caught us without our hair! Give us a minute will you?” Uh, Girls? There seems to have been a bit of a mix up. “Drat, Pick that up quick while I get my face on!” There now, that’s better. “Hmpf, got carried away with the scissors did you? My face looks so fat with my hair this short.”

Fickle Flame

I haven’t been much in the mood for crafting of any type the past few weeks. I have projects that interest me and the supplies to complete said projects but the desire has been lacking. I finally made myself craft without the desire because a few of the projects were gifts and really needed to get done. So, I made these little girls. They are […]

I did it!

I pushed through and got it done. Let’s not compare the amount of time I spent avoiding the project to the time I spent actually working on it. Here she is I got her all dressed and took her picture before I noticed she didn’t have a face. There, that’s better. She’s at her new home now. Hopefully her head didn’t flop over as soon […]


I am fighting with myself today. Yesterday I made a doll, the prize for that contest a while back.My goal is to deliver her to the winner today but alas, as much as I enjoy making both dolls, and clothes, I don’t really care for making doll clothes. So I’ve been trying to get that wee dress made but somehow, I keep finding myself at […]

A Little Bitty goodbye

I got Little Bitty all packed up last night and she left this morning after breakfast.I had such a hard time bonding with her for the first 2 weeks, then they told me she would be leaving and all of a sudden Tada! out popped the feelings!So basically to sum up my experience I spent 2 weeks feeling guilty for not loving the child, not […]