Dropping in on the dollies

“Good heavens! You’ve caught us without our hair! Give us a minute will you?” Uh, Girls? There seems to have been a bit of a mix up. “Drat, Pick that up quick while I get my face on!” There now, that’s better. “Hmpf, got carried away with the scissors did you? My face looks so fat with my hair this short.”

Fickle Flame

I haven’t been much in the mood for crafting of any type the past few weeks. I have projects that interest me and the supplies to complete said projects but the desire has been lacking. I finally made myself craft without the desire because a few of the projects were gifts and really needed to get done. So, I made these little girls. They are […]

Procrastination with a capitol P

I crocheted these for Christmas. The red and blue ones for Tiny Boy and the orange one for my nephew. I still have the orange one because I forgot to take it with me to the family Christmas party to give to him. If you are unclear on why the orange ball is still in my possession go back and read the title of this […]

second thoughts

Tonight is my monthly bunko game. I went rummaging through the craft closet trying to come up with a gift to take because I so desperately did not want to go to the store. I rummaged my way to this little bag I crocheted up in imitation of Bella Dia’s Button Hole bag a few years ago. All that was left to do was to […]


The first patterned crotchet project I’ve ever completed. I think I made a dish rag from a pattern when I first learned a few years back but someone else read the pattern to me and explained what to do so I don’t count that. I’m working on a puppy of my own design now and when that is done Baby Girl has requested kitties for […]


I am making a hat for my small boy, an owl hat. I purchased the pattern today. It was difficult, I have a hard time with patterns but since I don’t crochet well enough to make it without, I gave in and bought it. It is a good thing they took paypal. I never would have followed through on the purchase if I’d had to […]