I heart contest

We only got through about half the cookies at the cookie party last night so this afternoon I finished the job. Here you see the fruits of my labor.Most of the word cookies were inspired by a certain love song, this is where the contest comes in. The first person to guess what song inspired the cookies will win! Not these cookies because, well, they’d […]


I’ve always adored Valentines day, even when I was single. I think Valentines are about love, not romance. If you have a romantic love, then by all means, add in some romance but let’s not forget all of the other love that is out there. I adore to make paper valentine cards. Here are the ones I’ve made thus far this valentine season. I made […]

My deadly sin?

Crafting to excess I planned to sit down and write a photo laden post about it all but upon looking over my photos I’ve decided it’s going to take a few photo laden posts to cover it. I think I’ll just stick with my neighbor gifts for this one. I delivered them yesterday. It feels good to have done with it. I’ve scorned paper crafts […]