Making cookies

Cookie was a very happy monster. He’s been living here over two years and finally, he has some cookies of his own.   These felt cookies upped the monster’s play value considerably. He’s always been loved, but he’s so much more agreeable when there are cookies for him to eat. Enzo likes stuffing the cookies in his mouth the best.   Zizza prefers to help […]

The Party

This is one of the Halloween posts I warned you about. It’s actually About Baby Girl’s birthday party, but she had a Halloween party so, yeah. I didn’t realize October had slipped by so fast so, on the Sunday before her birthday when they called her to the front of the room and sang to her during primary I had a mini panic attack. In […]

I am not a milliner and why I need a digital SLR

This is my first hat. I think it’s very obvious that it’s my first. If I were willing to show you the inside, it would me even more obvious.I started out with 6 sections but that made it large enough to fit even my big fat head. Just as I was cursing myself for putting in the plaid accent “pipping” (it’s not really pipping but […]

Snazzy Quilted Diaper Wallet

I bought fabric a year ago and planned to make this little idea of mine into a reality for myself but I never got around to it. My sister in law liked my idea and wanted to try it but, I couldn’t tell her how it had worked out since I never followed though on it. Long story short, I repented my neglect of the […]

Once there was a blankie

The blankie started out like any other, a quilt made for an expected baby girl. That baby girl was my sister in law. She used it but it was never a particular favorite. Then that baby girl got the shock of her life, a baby brother. She was so appalled by the proceeding that when her daddy took her to pick out a present for […]


This is Melanie. This is Melanie’s favorite outfit. It is the favorite because it’s good for running around and getting dirty but since it’s a dress, not pants, she can do all that and still look like a lady. Melanie likes this dress because it is all dotty to match her face. Mel is very proud of her freckles, she just wishes she had some […]

Grown-ups have birthdays too

Last week as we were picking out wrapping paper for the Mr’s birthday presents Baby Girl caught sight of the pinata’s and it was decided, then and there, that her Pop must have one for his birthday. We didn’t buy one though, we made one. She picked pirate wrapping paper so we stuck with that theme and made a treasure chest pinata. Baby Girl scrunched […]

Haloween 2006

For the next week or two I’m going to be working on getting things organized around here. I’m pretty excited about my new system. If it all works out the way I’ve planned it, I should be able to access all of my supplies without stacking and unstacking piles of rubbermaid bins and jo-ann sacks. Since this project likely won’t be very interesting to blog […]

Graduation crafts

Baby Girl had her Joy School graduation last evening. Never mind the fact that she’ll be right back there next fall and likely the one after it since she is an October baby and so will not start kindergarten until she’s nearly six. This is our family flag. The flags went along with the unit on families. The children displayed their flags at graduation. We […]

Really now!

I can’t figure out what my problem is with doll clothes. I’ve been working all day and the only fruits I have to show for my labor are an abandoned ill shaped t-shirt, a some what less ill shaped dress that will at least be suitable for Baby Girl to adopt on behalf of her own dolls, and a bodice, fairly well constructed though it […]