Childhood Memories


One of my favorite things to do as a child of five was to hoist my “husky” baby brother into my arms, spin him around for as long as I could keep hold of him and then watch him fall down as he tried to walk away. He liked the game too, spinning is fun after all. Eventually though, he learned to sit down and […]


My relationship with dogs/my dog has changed dramatically over the years. I discussed it briefly here, in my first ever blog post. Today, I’ll delve deeper into the topic. Let’s start at the beginning. I was deathly afraid of dogs as a child. I remember standing in the snow, paralyzed with fear at the sound of jingling behind me. It could be a dog’s license […]

Too Hot for Hopscotch

Do you remember how I like going barefoot? I remembered today.Zizza and I were all ready to dart off to the mail box and collect “Lilo and Stitch” which arrived there, thanks to netfilx with the mail today. It was then that I noticed how efficient I’d been earlier in putting my shoes away. Generally, there is a substantial pile of assorted shoes on the […]

Grandpa’s Blocks

I’ve been so busy procrastinating the pile of sewing I’ve got to do I found myself completely unprepared for Easter. Unprepared for the bunny part anyway. Last week I called my mother, just 2 days before she was scheduled to come down for a visit and asked if she could squeeze in a trip to the toy store before she came down. She knows a […]

Dog pood

I’ve had a hard time letting Tiny Boy run around and play in the back yard. Little boys need to run around outside, I know, but I have a thing about dog poo and here’s why.One warm summer day I was left babysitting my little bothers, who were 10 months or so old at the time. They wanted nothing but to run around in the […]

Butt Wheat

While waiting for the oatmeal to cook this morning (it took sooooo long today but it was extra good to make up for it) Baby Girl climbed onto the table to reach her hand way down to the bottom of the Honey Bunches box searching for crumbs.Shooing her off triggered a memory, so here it is.In the house where we lived through my preschool years […]