Baby Girl


Out and about, running the sort of errands one runs after a week long separation from one’s home. Groceries, garbage bags and a stop at the car wash to rinse the awful winter from Dusty Miller’s flanks.During the process, mention was made of bum cheeks. I’m not sure how it came up. Probably something about Zizza getting her bum cheeks in her seat where they […]

Well, here we are

Our Christmas rush is almost through. We have a party with my family this afternoon, a party which involves sledding. I don’t so much want to go sledding.  Cold is really not my thing and being as how I don’t have any boots or snow pants and, will thus be participating in my sneakers and jeans, cold will be unavoidable. I could opt out of […]

Enough with the puke already!

It would seem I need to create a whole category here for vomit related posts. That’s right. It happened again tonight.We were at Panda Express, the favorite of both my children. I was waiting at the table with Enzo when, out of nowhere, he started the tell tale gagging cough. This time I caught it in my bare hands. Lucky it wasn’t more than a […]

Dancing Girl

Zizza had her first ever Dance recital last Friday. You may remember her starting Ballet last January and think that’s a long time to carry on with no recital. What happened is, after 3 or so lessons last winter, we decided she’d enjoy it more if she waited until fall to get started. Turns out we were right. The recital was fantastic. She danced better […]

Speaking Sister Love

Zizza threw a fit because I decided to comb Enzo’s hair first. “I always go first!” she screamed. That’s true of course. Generally speaking I only comb Enzo’s hair because he see’s me combing Zizza’s and wants a turn too. One of the joys of having a young son with only a small about of ultra blond hair is that combing said hair is entirely […]

I win!

Some of you may have been around here long enough to remember this A year ago I was very disappointed in my inability to obtain clogs for my Zizza. Her feet are just so dang tiny, there wasn’t a pair to be had. But Guess what?She grew! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear her clomp clomp clomping around the house. […]

Dashed dreams

We stopped in at a bike shop to inquire about the possibility of conveying three children under the power of a lone biking adult.Last Christmastime, while walking through the mall I happened upon a bike shop, it’s windows full of beautifully painted, basket laden beach cruisers. I have no interest in biking long distances or through mountains and accordingly my interest in bikes died when […]


My Girl likes to play “computer games” One might wonder why that is worth mentioning. Many four year olds enjoy such amusements. Look at the attention she giving the computer in this photo and then guess what she’s playing.Got it?Check out the look on her face in this next one and see if you’re still happy with your guess.If you guessed a blank word document […]