Baby Girl

My life has changed

Guess what today was. I KNOW! Suddenly structure has been introduced to our lives. I haven’t had a place I had to be at a certain time everyday in six years. Sure, we have our daily routines but nobody’s going to be bustin’ my chops if we eat lunch at 1:00 instead of 12:30. There have been three years of getting her to preschool on […]


Zizza has a new love. It is yellow. Ever since the orange party she’s been talking about the yellow party she will have when her birthday comes. Accordingly, when we went thrifting a few weeks ago, she was on the lookout. She found this sheet and fell in love. Tuesday when I sat down to work on the sheet to dress transformation she was right […]

Busting my buttons

My Zizza is well on her way. During one of our fabric shopping trips while we were in Utah she picked out the fabrics for this skirt. There was one like it on display in the store and, with only minimal guidance from me, she expertly browsed the fat quarters until she found the ones she liked for a skirt of her own. ¬† The […]

Grandpa’s Blocks

I’ve been so busy procrastinating the pile of sewing I’ve got to do I found myself completely unprepared for Easter. Unprepared for the bunny part anyway. Last week I called my mother, just 2 days before she was scheduled to come down for a visit and asked if she could squeeze in a trip to the toy store before she came down. She knows a […]

What a girl wants

Zizza occasionally likes to talk about her future. When she grows up she will be a mama in our house. The Mr and I will move away to Utah to live in a grandma and grandpa house and she, with her baby “Megan,” will stay. She will have my bathroom and my closet with all of my clothes and make-up. She’s told me this many, […]

It went like this

Zizza was dressed in green before she came down to crawl into my bed and pester me out of it. I dressed the others in pinch avoiding attire and then retreated to my room where I dresed myself. In orange. I came out and waited. ¬†After a few minutes I asked Ziz, “So, do you think this is a good outfit for me to wear?” […]

Don’t talk to me when I’m dealing with poop

Lunch has been eaten by all. The older two have adjourned to the back yard and the new one has grown tired of her chair.I’m hoisting her out, one hand grasps under an arm while the other slides under the bum and finds slime. “Darn it,” I’m thinking, “She must have spit a lot and it’s dribbled into the bottom of her seat.” I reposition […]

I’m all about fostering creativity and that kind of thing, but…

honestly does every imagination game she comes up with have to involve her bossing me around?No. My name is not Rosita, so quit screaming it down the stairs and expecting me to answer.NO. I am not riding in an air plane, I am changing the crib sheets.NO! You are not my mother! YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!!!Please let me do my work.

No Christmas Tree, No Christmas Tree

One of the best things about today is the nekkedness of this corner. Putting away the Christmas tree = crappy job but it’s done now so I can’t complain. One of the other best things about today was listening to Zizza play Kung fu Panda all morning. “I want to be the tiger” she told me, “What’s the tiger’s name?” She asked. “Tigress” I say. […]