I always hated when my mom made fajitas. I don’t generally like bell peppers is what it comes down to. In fact, I remember hating them soundly. If they were placed on a pizza for example, their flavor would permeate through the whole thing and ruin it all even after they’d been picked off.

When fajitas were for dinner I would put corn and cheese on my tortilla and nothing else because all else was tainted.

I like peppers on my pizza now.

A few years ago for a reason I don’t recall I decided to make fajitas for dinner…and I liked them, they were pretty good. I generally put mostly onions on my own plate and left the peppers for Slide* but still this was progress.
Over time, things have continued to progress.

Last week I made fajitas for dinner. I sliced up both red and green pepper, red and yellow onion, and a few garlic cloves sauteed it all in olive oil with salt, cumin and chipotle chili powder and my goodness it was delicious. (This is the recipe that’s been my standard in the past 2 years or so, only the multiple colors of pepper and onion were new. This variation was owing to the contents of my fridge and the need to use partial peppers and onions in a timely manner)

I was invited to a taco party later that week. I made more for potluck. Incidentally, while the veggies store well in the fridge and reheat like a dream, they did not travel well in their warm state. Also I didn’t care for them with sweet shredded pork)

I’ve been eating those veggies in a warm corn tortilla for lunch on the daily since then.

I still do not like raw peppers but fajita veggies are nectar.

Here’s to growing up.

*Slide has previously been know here as “The Mister” but I’m tired of that so I’ll be calling him by his general internet moniker going forward.


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