Dear non existant scant readership,

I’m kind of a downer today (see salutation above) Today feels like I’m for sure not ever going to finish anything ever again.

We’ve made progress on the planning portion of the home renovation that I was sure when we bought the house would be done a year ago. The next step is to vacate the premises so walls can be knocked down and whatnot. Sadly, I haven’t found anywhere to vacate to and I’m sort of out of ideas as to where to look.

Meanwhile the DIY portions of the house are really intimidating today. What made me think I’d be able to lay tile? and yeah, sure I could pull down all that chain link fence in the back yard but how will I find time to do that before we park our van down my the river and move in?

Plus? I totally haven’t posted daily. That wasn’t bothering me yesterday but today not posting daily after I decided to try to post daily is totally bumming me out. And yes, I am watching Peg+cat right now. Why do you ask?

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