I’ve decided

It’s been awhile since I gave NaBloPoMo any attention. Is it even a thing anymore? First I thought I’d been there done that and I didn’t feel the need to bother, then I adopted a different month because I felt like I needed the kick in the pants at the time and then I just let it slip by with out a word almost forgotten. But yesterday I realized it’s November and something stirred within me so I decided to do it. I have 3 days to make up or then again maybe I’ll just let them go. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself.

So here’s a topic. About 2 weeks ago Dovie suddenly ceased control of her hands. She was just a tiny little thing waving her arms about and reflexively grasping whatever came into contact with her wee palms and then one day she figured out how she was doing that and then the world was her oyster. She takes her binki out of her mouth and examines it, turning it in her hands this way and that. A toy placed beside her will be picked up and played with.

I remember one day when Zizza was teensy and laying on a blanket with a few toys placed around for looking at while her tiny arms waved, I looked up from my book to gaze at her, as you do, and she was reaching, tipping the top fisher price ring (the red one) off the stack. I was amazed. I’d never seen her be intentional about her play. Suddenly she was a person as well as a baby…and now Dovie is too. Well, I think the whole baby=person thing was an equation I worked through mostly that first time and have understood from the beginning with subsequent babies but it’s always remarkable to see them exercise autonomy for the first time isn’t it?


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