You’re boring, boring into my heart. (name that song)

Yesterday morning was wildly productive. Dovie cooed herself to sleep and napped away. Duke enjoyed some quality time with Steve and Blue and
I busted out Enzo’s 11th doctor tweed.
This morning I thought I’d have similar luck with the remaining costumes but Dovie didn’t nap so deeply and Duke was only interested in one episode of Blues clues. I needed to have Zizza here for reference in order to do much costuming for her and I spent all my free minutes looking in the same places over and over for the missing Batman cape (Duke and Roxie are pumped to repeat this. dream come true) and any likely components I could morph into a costume for Dove. She’s going to be a super hero like those other 2 but we’re making up a character for her based on what I can put together from things i already have on hand.
I exhautsted mt self with my efforts at productivity this morning so once Duke and I finished our lunch I sat down with my computer to chillax. It’s a technique I’ve been using for his nap time called “bore you to sleep” sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
He joined me on the sofa after not too long and asked “Mom, how come I’m so big to not have any sleep?” I countered him with “Do you think you need some sleep?” He assured me that he did not and then snuggled into me in such a way that I was sure I had him this time and I was right.

So I’m typing one handed while my left arm snuggles that sleeper. I’m going to break my rules and post now, proof later because maybe I didn’t get many costumes sewn or find any missing Batman components but I bored my 3 year old into napping and now I’ve written a blog post as well. I can’t stop myself feeling accomplished under these circumstances.


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