Let me tell you about my baby

Considering she’s 3 months old I guess it’s getting to be time I introduced my little love bucket.

Once upon a time I was six or seven months pregnant and thinking bloggy thoughts. “What will the baby’s blog name be?” I wondered. I only wondered for a few minutes before I had an answer.

I needed something with both one and two syllable options, something that would jive with the other names I’ve got going on here and something that would fit the child in question. That seems like tough criteria to meet, especially the “child in question” bit, considering I hadn’t actually met the said child at that point but, as I said, it only took a few minutes thought before I settled on Dovie.

I liked the alliteration with Duke, I liked the way it reminded me of Anne Shirley (though I hope my girl will have a bit more backbone than Dovie Westcott of Anne’s acquaintance) and I immediately pictured a sweet and vocal babe who would coo herself to sleep. It was thus settled in my mind, barring any protest by the expected herself, the baby’s uniquety name would be Dovie.

Now, when my sweet darling lay, hours old, in her bassinet and began to coo in her sleep do you think I was surprised? Certainly I was pleased, certainly I marveled, but I can’t say I was surprised really.

She continued as a noisy sleeper for the first few weeks of her life. I have to admit, she sounded rather more like a duck than a dove. I suppose I could have switched the name to Duckie but as redheads go, I prefer Anne Shirley to Molly Ringwald (no offense to Molly herself, I’m sure she’s lovely) so I’m sticking With Dovie.

Now, the first thing you should know about Dovie, she is a smiler. The morning after she was born she looked at me and smiled. This was not the sweet but vacant gassy smile of your average wee infant. This was a really truly look me in the face smile. Her eye’s squinched into sweet little half moons and she beamed.

I continued to luck out and receive these glorious expressions every few days at first and even more frequently as she’s grown. I’ve tried and tried to catch the full effect of it on camera but it hasn’t quite happened yet. Full twinkling smiles are things she gives to people. People who’s full attention she possesses. Bringing a camera into the equation does not allow for that.

“Enough!” I hear you saying, “Words are all well and good but for a baby we need pictures! Show us the pictures for heaven’s sake!” and so, here are a few of those.

Day one


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