Birthday wish

I have half an hour before preschool pick up. I spent my morning with paint and dust (not at the same time obvs) as my companions so I decided I’d put this time to use checking in here.

Moo’s birthday came and went during the crazy.  I’ll have to get back to that another time.  Right now I’d like to share with you Zizza’s  birthday wish list.  Here’s what happened; I was trying to make a plan for birthday shopping but every time I thought I had a handle on it she’d come forth with another declaration of what she wanted more than anything in the world (name that show) and back in to birthday shopping limbo I’d go.  Finally I asked her for an itemized wish list. She took the assignment very seriously and soon after proffered forth the following;

1-$20.00 Target gift card (with which to buy clothes) OR a sleep over with her bestie

2-Cookie dough

3-Catty Noir (the newest Monster High doll)

4-Color me Creepy Monster High Set

5-Ulta gift card (no recommended amount this time)

6-Shopping trip to the mall

7-Playdate (she’s been sad about the infrequency of these since the move)

8-Bop it 

9-American Girl haircut chair and polk-a-dot robe

10-Monster High movie “3 in one”

11- A pet Chinchilla

Her list was rather enlightening for me. I knew about all the Monster High stuff.  (We’d been on a browsing trip in Target’s toy department earlier that day) I was surprised though that cookie dough ranked #2 and that she’s desperate enough for a play date that she’s willing to count it as a birthday gift.  Also, the chinchilla was a surprise.

My favorite thing happening with Ziz right now is her newly acquired appreciation for fashion.  Girlfriend actually wants to go clothes shopping! Also, she likes cute stuff! It’s a dream come true


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