Stinky Feet

One of the hard things about coming back to blogging is that after it’s been sooo long is it feels like I need a monumental post to jump in with.

I don’t have a monumental post.

Duke’s birthday could have been monumental but I’ll be honest;  Monumental is a lot of work.  Plus we were kind of low key with the birthday so making the post monumental would have been that much more difficult.

Guess what happened though.  I was sitting here with my computer in my lap.  I got the computer out so I could log in to my library account and reserve a book that was recommended to me but the name of the book is in a text message and my phone is across the room so I was sitting here doing this and that on the computer psyching myself up to cross the room and get my phone when something happened…

I felt like blogging.


It’s been ages since I actually felt like blogging.  I mean really. AGES!

I still get ideas and construct interesting sentences in my brain while I do things like clean pee of the floor (What percentage of a person’s life is spent cleaning pee off of floors? I expect this varies from person to person based on number of children, girl to boy ratios, number of pets and probably a few other things. I’d still like to see some numbers) but following through with those ideas just hasn’t been happening. (obvs)

So, anyway.  I was sitting here being all lazy and not walking across the room and looking up the shoes Enzo is wishing for.

See, Boy-o isn’t into flip flops.  I bought him his summer flip flops a while back but he doesn’t like to wear them.  I’ll say “Hey guys get your flops on it’s time to go,” and five minutes later after everyone else is flopped up and in the car I’m still tapping my foot while he gets his socks just right and ties his shoes. So I thought “fine, he doesn’t have to wear flip flops, there are other quick sock-less options.” and began to explore.

My heart swelled at the thought of how stylin’ he’d be in a little pair of TOMS but I couldn’t bring myself to invest.  Even after giving myself the pep-talk about how this was not only a shoe purchase but also a charitable contribution I still couldn’t do it. I’ll have to leave the charitable contribution shoe purchases for people who will appreciate it.  Like myself.

He and I talked it over and decided to go with a basic canvas shoe that will doubtless get very stinky but hopefully, with a few basic deodorizing tricks will last through the summer.  He chose theseHe loved them so much that he crammed his foot into a size 11 just to prove to me that it would fit.  (The display was rather step sister-ish is we’re being candid.) There was no size 12 at our Target and 12 is as big as they go.  I had him try on a 12 in the Avengers themed shoe and that fit nicely so I thought it would be as simple as going home and ordering online.  Sadly though, they are sold out online as well so finding a pair is going to take some leg work. Drat.

At this juncture I’d like to relate that Enzo does not consider these to be “Star Wars shoes,” if you ask him he’ll say they are “Lego Star Wars shoes,”  To his mind Lego Star Wars on the WII is the ultimate. After observing that it was his favorite game we gave him opportunity to watch “A New Hope,” and he liked it but for him the authentic film was lacking when compared to his favorite game.  What can be said about the tastes of a six year old?

Now I have a decision before me.  How dedicated am I to the Star Wars ,excuse me, Lego Star Wars foot wear dreams of my boy?

These are dilemmas one must face as a mother.


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