It’s unclear to me how this came to pass

Two years.

Two years of sweet baby perfection. He really can’t possibly be two.  I’m positive there’s been some kind of mix-up.

I sneaked in and took his birthday minute picture at 4:59 I wasn’t expecting anything great out of a picture snapped with my phone in the dark but I was still underwhelmed with the picture I got.  I shifted mid-snap (hence the blur)  Sadly, the flash disturbed him and it was all I could do to sneak out of there without a wide awake baby on my hands at five AM so a second try was out of the question.

When I look back on the day my Duke turned two I’ll see the above blur and remember how he considers his pillow a mattress.  He’s not concerned with having his head on the pillow but he likes the rest of himself to be.

I’ll also remember his second birthday as the day he discovered “Goodnight Moon” He found it on the bookshelf last night at bedtime and asked Mr to read it to him.  This morning after breakfast he picked it up and read it to himself again and again until it was time for us to leave the house.  As I went about my business this morning his little voice rung through the house from the family room where he sat repeating “goo-nite bush,” (page turn) “goo-nite bush,” (page turn) “goo-nite bush,” At length he took notice of the little house and then he left the brush behind and said “goo-nite haws” on each page during subsequent readings.

It’s amazing isn’t it? How entrancing these little people are? I could sit and watch him eat oatmeal every morning and be completely entertained.

The same goes for cookies.  It’s fun to watch him eat those too.

Babies are magic.


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