Enzo: sweet six

I don’t really know what I want to say about Enzo and his six year oldness.

Here’s something.  He’s recently come into his own on the music front.  He started the Let’s Play Music program last fall.  The year previous he took the initiative to get himself some piano lessons but despite his interest he wasn’t quite ready and we decided to wait and put him in LPM once he was four (that’s the minimum age for the program)

He liked music class ok and he learned things but he wasn’t super thrilled about it and by the end of his first semester he stopped wanting to go all together.  Finally he admitted “I just wish my sister could come with me,” That made all kind of sense since his class was made up of 2 sibling groups who were already friends…and then Enz. All by himself.  We got special permission for Zizza to join the class with him for the second semester and that solved the problem. Once she joined he went back to enjoying class. He never loved it, but he liked it and he practiced when I initiated practice time as long as I did the bulk of the singing.

I’m not sure what made the change but during the last few weeks his interest has piqued.  The other day he asked me if he could practice. Then he insisted on doing everything three times.  Instead of prodding him to sing with me, I have to bite my tongue because I have strict instructions not to sing with him.  (It’s hard, I really like to sing)

Do you have any idea how sweet it is to hear his boyish little voice singing “lullaby and good night, with roses bedight,” do you? I’ll tell you. It’s ridiculously sweet.

Also, did you have any idea that “bedight” is an actual word?  I thought it was a typo and they must have meant “delight.” Not that delight made any sense but lullabies are often rather nonsensical aren’t they? I looked it up though, and bedight is an adjective meaning “adorned” which makes perfect sense in the context of the song. Who would have guessed?

In addition to the singing his fingers have come a long way.  And timing. Dear me the boy can keep tempo! No pausing to switch chords!  I’m so proud.

Another thing new with Enz is that he’s playing Tee Ball which makes him feel pretty cool.

Most importantly he finally has somewhere to wear the cleats he got as hand-me-downs from his cousin.  He was pretty cut up about not being allowed to wear those bad boys to school.  He worked through the disappointment by wearing them to play outside every time the thought occurred to him.

Practice is after music class so he brings the cleats in the car and changes as soon as class is over. Well, he didn’t do that last week.

Last week he went to class completely barefoot.

He was in the back yard when it was time to leave.  I noted that he had shoes on, looked him in the face and asked him to go get in the car.  He was clamoring out of the car to head in to class when I noticed his bare feet.  “Enz, get back in here and put your shoes on,” I instructed but he assured me that he had brought none. “Whaaa!?” I said.  “But I saw shoes on your feet when I told you it was time to go!” “Yeah, but they were dirty from the back yard,so…”

Enzo has been wishing for roller-blades for the past year. Mr heard his cries and he got them for his birthday.  Roller-blades and a crossbow because who’s gonna mess with that?

Finally, here’s the to the minute picture of six-year-old Enzo. Sleeping with his hands behind his head is new this year also. I wonder if it will be a permanent sort of a sleeping habit.


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