Dear me

My bed room floor is currently in the process of being re-done.  Also, a clean half of my family is feverish.  This means that all day my house has been brimful of fumes, sickies and displaced furniture. Winning combination. No?

I decided in the late morning that the circumstances called for brownies so while on a brief respite mission (read; trip to the grocery store) I purchased the necessary baking chocolate for Katherine Hepburn’s brownie recipe.  A review of the recipe from a reliable source (read; bestie) armed me with the knowledge that Ms. Hepburn’s taste in brownies is less chocolaty than my own so I went ahead and doubled the chocolate but otherwise adhered to her instruction. The resulting treats served me well and as a result I not only survived the day, but also managed to whip up a pot of nourishing chicken noodle to soothe my resident sickies.

Another winner from my self preserving dash to the market was a box of “throat coat” herbal tea.  Now friends, you have to understand than I have acquired a taste for icky herbal teas.  Three pregnancies and a strong faith in the beneficial properties of red raspberry leaf tea have given me that.  But this tea, acquired taste or not, is good. Insomuch that I had four cups of it today between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00.  If you ask Ziz or Mr they’ll tell you the taste could use some acquisition but I honestly loved it with no reserve.  I didn’t even put any honey in it.  I just steeped it and drank it straight up. It’s mild and sweet and soothing. In the future I will drink it and enjoy it even when my throat is healthy.

Zizza and I took advantage of her sick day by starting on friendship bracelets for her to give as valentines. Yesterday we used that same advantage to make her valentine box.  Cross you fingers that my coming days are a little less hectic and maybe I’ll get the chance to write the mini tutorial I planned on the making of said box.  It’s pretty dang adorable so maybe you should cross your toes as well?

Now I’ll be signing off as all of this has left me quite sleepy.





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