X’s or O’s?

It being February and all we’re been making Valentines around here. Ziz and I had a discussion today about hugs and kisses or rather about xoxo.

I’ve always operated under the impression that the x’s are the kisses because the x is reminiscent of a pucker and the o’s are the hugs because your arms go around the other person like an o.

Ziz thought x’s should be hugs because your arms cross when you hug somebody tight and o’s should be kisses because a pucker is similar to the shape of the lips while making an o sound.

That got me to wondering about the general consensus on the matter.

I’m pretty sure Zizza came to her understanding based upon the Thora books by Gillian Johnson. I remember somewhere in there, there’s a letter where Thora signs her letter and says something like “Here are kisses for you ooo and a hug too x,” When I read that I thought “Well she’s got that backward,” but apparently my impressionable daughter learned it as truth.

Let this be a lesson to you, never leave these important lessons to be taught by other people. If only I’d taken the time to explain to Ziz about the x’z and o’s we wouldn’t be in this fix!

I asked the Mr what he thought and he sides with me. Incidentally, so does wikipedia. But what do you think? Am I in the majority as I’ve always supposed, or was it all an illusion?

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