Duke’s special place(s)

Recently I told you about Duke finding joy on an empty book shelf.

I wrote that post thinking it was over and done. The bookcase was moved and filled once more with books so Duke had his fun and that was it wasn’t it?

No. It wasn’t. That empty book shelf was a gateway tiny place. Since then he’s been seeking them out, wedging himself under furniture, clamoring into the dryer…It’s true!

That first time I’d pulled the laundry out and turned away just long enough to set the basket aside and he was in the dryer when I turned back.

He climbs in there and says “close it?” over and over until I drag him out so I can put the wet things in. I’ve assured him that I will never close the the door on him no matter how sweetly and persistently he asks. His response was to sneak into the dark laundry room climb in and close the door as best he could behind him. I may need to start locking my laundry room.

Last time we did the washing together he refused to be removed from the dryer. I pulled him out time and again but he was back in again before I could get anything from the washer to replace him with. I ended up piling the wet clothes on top of him and yanking him out from underneath so I could quick shut the door. Sharing the space with the wet clothes seems to have dissuaded him from seeking it out. Lucky thing too because he’d begun to notice how he could spin it like a hamster wheel and if he’d discovered that all would have been lost.

This is the shelf where we store our library books. Currently the only library material we have checked out is the one lost book. And so the shelf stands there waiting for something to hold. Duke is eager to offer his services any time.

I ask you, what shall I do with this sneaky devil?

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