A word of caution

If you’re ever a five year old boy with a mouthful of chewing gum I don’t recommend stretching it into a string and draping it across the back of your neck “just to see what will happen,”

If you must have that question answered, I’ll tell you now in the hope that you’ll deem second hand knowledge sufficient to quench your curiosity.

The result of draping a sticky string of gum across the back of your neck is sitting still, shirtless and shivering while your mother massages peanut butter into the affected area and subsequently combs that same peanut butter through the gummy baby hairs on the back of your neck. If it occurs to you at the time, you may consider thanking your lucky stars that your hair was freshly cut less than a week previous.

You also ought to know that your mother will definately need to procure photographic evidence of any such experimentation before she’ll find herself able to offer sympathy or administer the necessary peanut butter massage.

Now that you have the facts, go a head and decide about your gum and whether you’re going to keep it in your mouth or not.


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