Zizza’s new friend

I started writing a different post but that one sort of got away from me.  Suddenly I realized I had at least an hour’s worth of writing and editing ahead of me and even then I didn’t know if I’d end up with something I’d want to post.  So I ditched it and started over.

Do you remember Zizza’s wish for an American Girl doll? Well, between birthday and Christmas money and some extra unsavory chores she earned the money.  Not for a “starter collection” but enough for a doll.  By the time she’d earned the money, McKenna was sold out so she took some time to consider her options and decided on Kaya.  The Native American girl.

All the other girls in carpool got American Girl dolls for Christmas so that’s what they all talk about on the way home. Ziz was practically bursting waiting those few extra weeks for her doll to come so she could join more fully in the fun. 

One friend had a really hard time figuring out why on Earth Ziz would chose Kaya.  At least three times on three different days she posed the question “So, why did you pick Kaya anyway?” I knew what she meant.  I’d wondered myself.  Kaya’s history is super cool. I can easily understand liking her books the best but when it came to dolls I would have picked one with cuter clothes. I guess I’m shallow that way. Not Zizza, she loves Kaya’s books, she love’s her deer skin dress, she loves the giant buttons on her braids, and I think that’s fantastic.

All the same I pointed out to Zizza that if she wants to, we can make some modern clothes for her as well.  After all, I told her, Native American girls who live today wear the same kinds of things she does most of the time so Kaya might as well have some wardrobe options too. She was up for that.


My favorite thing about Kaya is that she doesn’t have buck teeth like the other American Girls. What’s with the teeth anyway? I’ve never understood it.

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