Friends I need your help. You see, months and months ago I had a library book. It was the last one I read from the stack I checked out that week such that I kept it after I returned it’s fellows. Then I kept it a while longer waiting to see if Zizza would pick it up. Finally it was due. I had more books checked out by then, things that weren’t due but I’d finished with so I took a stack of four or so and dropped them off while I was out.

Some time later in an email from the library, I noticed that the book was still in the list of items checked out to me. I found this odd, seeing as I has such a clear memory of returning it, but I looked around the house and car and when I couldn’t find it I renewed it and went about my business until the renewal was up whereupon I repeated that process. I kept renewing and looking until I ran out of renewals. I have no memory of seeing that book since the day I thought I returned it.

I went to the library today to clear up the whole mess. I asked the librarian if there was a chance it could have been re-shelved without having been checked in and she said certainly there was. She looked accordingly but didn’t find it. I was ready to give up and pay for it’s loss but she encouraged me to have another look She fixed up my account so I have a new set of renewals to work through while I continue my search and told me that If I still can’t find it I can submit a something or other (I forget the word) so they’ll look further into whether it really is there at the library hiding somewhere. In short, she was very helpful.

Now, here’s what I need help with. Where do I look? I’ve checked under and between sofa cushions, under and behind sofas, on all the bookshelves, under the bookshelves, in the toy bins, behind the toy bins, under all the seats in the car. I know I never took it out of the house unless you count my memory of returning it to the library. I read it in a single afternoon and the rest of the time it was sitting on the shelf where we keep library books. Please, does anyone have suggestions of other places to look? Any odd places you’ve found books in your own houses? Any crazy lost (and found) library book stories from your history that may serve to encourage me as I sift through my belongings in search of the lost?

I thank you in advance for any aid you may be able to give.

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