Cold feet

Good grief it was cold this morning. I don’t own a pair of full length running pants and look what was on my feet.

Today was, blessedly, the last time I will have to run in those. It took me a long time to decide on a replacement shoe. (It was early November when my right shoe sprung that leak.) After I settled on which shoes to buy I had a little fiasco with a sub-par online retailer. Now, finally my new shoes are coming. I’ve been tracking the package. They should be here tomorrow.

Today I set out to run wearing a headband over my ears, a long sleeve tech-tee, hoodie, capri length pants, a pair of cheapie one size fits all stretchy gloves, and of course my swiss cheese shoes. I’ve been running in this getup (or similar) for weeks and weeks now and been perfectly comfortable. Not today friends, not today.

My feet were stiff bricks up until the final 2 (out of 10) laps. I kept my hoodie on the whole time. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. So cold. So very cold.

How cold was it? This is the part where all my northerly friends laugh me to scorn.

It was 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

I know I know that’s downright warm for my peeps up in Utah these days, but why do you think I put up with the devlish summers around here? I do it so I can run comfortably all. winter. long.

Back at home after a toasty shower, in my sweats and fluffy socks I could still feel the spot on my foot left vulnerable by the hole in my shoe. I thought to myself “Surely 24 isn’t cold enough to cause actual damage to my tissues,” But the sensation on the sole of my foot definitely wasn’t my imagination.

I stripped off my sock and looked it over. The shape of the hole was clearly outlined in my flesh, but then I’m used to this. That spot is the most thoroughly exfoliated portion on either of my feet and it shows. Then I noticed the deep red pin head sized mark in the center of the exfoliated area and I remembered the rock.

Sharp rocks + vibram shoes = Ouch! This time the rock struck right in the hole, double ouch! Then I took another step, and @#%&! The rock had lodged in the hole so I stepped on it twice in a row.

This was still in the ice brick feet portion of the run, and at that point I was thankful for the cold. The general numbness of my feet dulled the pain quite a bit. Actually, a lap or 2 before the rock incident I’d had to stop and look at the bottom of my foot because I thought there might be a rock stuck between my toes but I couldn’t tell. I couldn’t tell!

My new shoes are still classified as “barefoot” but they don’t have individual toe compartments. I’m looking forward to that because a) my toes will be able to keep each other warm and b) I can wear socks when it’s extra chilly.

I am now in the market for full length running pants. Also, legwarmers. You have no idea how I fantasized about leg warmers this morning.


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